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Providing quality care for the elderly

We have a team of highly qualified, trained and dedicated staff, selected for their professional yet warm and friendly nature. We address individual needs and abilities instead of providing generalised care.

We understand that whilst it is very important to provide assistance for Residents’ physical needs, it is equally as important that their psychological, social and spiritual needs are also catered for.  We strive to fulfil this to as great an extent as possible and seek to promote independence, choice and dignity of the individual. We are committed to the needs of our residents and family members and we strive to develop trusting relationships with everyone we meet.  A key worker will be assigned to help your loved one settle into our home.

We encourage families of all our Residents to get involved at Tralee Rest Home and to work and cooperate with us to provide the best service possible.  Our Home Manager runs an open door policy and is always happy to help.

We provide a free in home assessment in order to provide a clear picture of the Resident’s lifestyle and personality and we aim to match a care plan to the specific needs of that Resident.

The provision of an excellent standard of care and support is a our primary priority.

Our Approach

We aspire to provide a high standard of individualised care in a clean and safe environment. All our Residents are treated with care, dignity, respect and sensitivity to meet their needs and abilities.

The care service is delivered flexibly, attentively, and in a non-discriminatory fashion. We respect  the independence and privacy of individuals and their right to make informed choices. Each Resident's needs and values are respected in matters of religion, culture, race, ethnic origin and sexuality.

Our home encourages all Residents to maintain wherever possible their social and cultural links with the community and to participate in the homes Activity Programme.

Our Commitment